Storage and Organizational Furniture

Storage and Organizational Furniture Portland, OR
Carey Pine Curio Cabinet
SKU: PA 163642
Size: 36 X 16 X 42

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Storage Furniture in Portland, OR

At Natural Furniture in Portland, we know that when your home is cluttered, it gets in the way of life. Reorganize your space and kiss clutter goodbye with our storage furniture options. Our items are natural wood furniture built to last and serve a purpose, and our organizational furniture pieces are designed to fit beautifully in your home.

Our defining characteristic at Natural Furniture is that we give you the ability to customize the pieces you get, and this holds true for our storage furniture options. You choose the piece you want, and then you get to decide on the type of wood and what finish goes on it. This means you’re in control of how your furniture comes out—a level of customization rarely seen in the industry.

Cubes and cubbies

Our cubes and cubbies are the storage furniture options you need in your life. With a simple design, our cubes and cubbies are durable, practical, and guaranteed to clear some space in any room in your house. From one-cube designs for small things, all the way up to five-cube units similar to shelving, these storage furniture solutions are truly customizable to your needs. Once you select the unit you need, choose the wood and finish type to make it your own and let it fit into the style and feel of your home. For a more unique, multifunctional design, we also offer a storage bench with built-in cubbyholes. This piece of storage furniture provides storage space as well as a great spot for sitting and relaxing in your home, and it’s great for entryways, especially if you ask visitors to remove their shoes before walking around.

Storage chests and benches

If you’re looking for something that doesn’t resemble shelving, Natural Furniture also has storage chests and benches in stock and ready for you to choose from. There’s a wide range of selections available for you to browse, from chests to benches. Our beautifully crafted alder blanket chest is an excellent option for a large storage furniture piece that will look gorgeous in any room and can store a lot of items, not just blankets. We also offer benches that have storage options and shelving, some of our most popular being the parawood double X-back bench and the parawood Brookstone bench. Both are good examples of the beautiful options we have available to help you get and stay organized.

Organizational solutions for you

Whatever your storage needs, the furniture at Natural Furniture are guaranteed to last a lifetime and give you a gorgeous and elegant way to clean up a busy space in your home. Wood furniture is an excellent option for any room in your home because it’s durable and beautiful, adds warmth and character to a room, and—with us—is customizable. Come see what makes our company different from the others by choosing your storage furniture piece and watching it come to life with the choices you make for it.